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FreeCash – Earn by doing offers, playing games – $140 eToro offer now

FreeCash is an Offerwall site you may already be familiar with the concept. You do offers to earn cash back. Sometimes purchase has to be made, sometime just need to deposit some money somewhere then take it out after got credited.

There is an offer on FreeCash right now that pays $140 if you sign up to eToro on android and deposit £200 (you can withdraw and dont need to spend any of it, after you got the $140 on FreeCash within 24 hours, usually in minutes)
Then you can cash it out to bitcoin, litecoin, dogecoin, gift cards, and PayPal.

There is a lot more to earn here, by doing surveys, downloading mobile games and complete requirements. Sign up to free trials etc.

You can sign up to FreeCash here: if it asks you for referral code enter lilszimoneyshed

Go to “Earn” and see “Featured Offers” where you will see to etoro logo saying $140 Instant Release Task. Click it, follow instructions and enjoy your reward.

Ps: make sure you dont have any ad/tracking blocker activated on your network / phone as it could delay / void payout if not tracking correctly.

BingoPort – Earn PayPal Cash

New BingoPort Members will earn Port Points that can be exchanged for £10 CashBack via PayPal upon joining, depositing and wagering/staking £10+ (or £20+ if stated) at their first site.

You’ll also receive £10 for completing an enhanced offer. (just deposited £10 into one of the casinos)

I just received my £10 pay-out for completing my first offer. Plus I earned 60000 Port Points.You can earn further £5 per invited friend.

Join BingoPort via this link from your me and earn £5 PayPal cash when you register, deposit and wager £10+ at any listed site offering 40,000 Port Points or more.

Be Gamble Aware

Legion Network

97 LGX FREE Crypto No Deposit No KYC

Legion Network is the worlds’ first blockchain ecosystem combining industry’s best services in one “Super App”. These include crypto, NFTs, GameFi, VR, AR and SaaS.

  1. Download the Legion Network app using my referral link for 34 LGX for free
    The referral code needs to be entered app sign-up is kddFoPe.
  2. Launch the app inputting the referral code kddFoPe , your name, email address and password.
  3. To obtain a further free 63 LGX ~$10 watch the “Empower Academy” videos on the ‘Home’ tab, ‘Empower’ (blue button on the right-hand side) and click through the videos on “What is Legion Network?” and “Blockchain Mastery Course”.

You can then see all of your rewards under ‘Profile’ then ‘Claim Rewards’.
Rewards will be available to claim after 1 March 2022.
Terms and conditions: Legion Network T&Cs.

Tymit Free 15 Credit Card

Tymit – £15 FREE for spending 10p

Tymit is a physical / virtual credit card with a credit limit. But, every purchase you make you can set up as installments of 0-12 months. You don’t pay any interest if paid back in 3 months.

To get the FREE £15 you need to apply, verify yourself, and make a purchase at least 0.10 from the virtual card. Since it’s a credit card, your balance will go into credit and you can’t withdraw so you have to spend the £15. I recommend buying a £15 gift card somewhere, as soon as you bought it Tymit will credit the £15 back and you’ll be on £0. From there you can either keep using the account or close it.

Sign up here:

Monese Earn Money £50 FREE

Monese – Earn £20 + £30 FREE

Monese is a UK bank like Monzo they are offering up to £50 in rewards if you sign up now.

To get £20 sign up to Monese, add your virtual card to PayPal, and send £1 to your friend / family, this will trigger the £20 bonus which you can instantly withdraw.
To get £30 more so £50 in total, you have to spend / send another £500 from your Monese account. This can also be done via PayPal and sending to a trusted friend, can be done in small amount just needs to total of £500.

Join Monese and get up to £50 once you start spending! Just enter my invite code when you sign up: OSSZI869

IMPORTANT: You Must use the code above as not all referral codes are giving £50 mine does 100%.

Download the app here: