FluidStack Passive income from your computer (up to $50/month)

FluidStack is a cloud platform that serves websites from a network of consumer devices (instead of large data centers). They save websites money, and put unused hardware to good use.

They are looking for beta users to run FluidStack nodes.

This means installing the software and leaving it running in the background. The software will detect when your device isn’t being used, and then it will use a small amount of your bandwidth and CPU to test our network and serve web content.

The requirements are a good internet upload speed and a Windows desktop computer.

They pay between $5-$50 per month (more for better internet speeds) to have the node running.

So far this month it used my cpu for 3 minutes in total and 260MB of data. Makes absolutely no difference in terms of electricity.

UPDATE: They have a new payment system, now you earn daily amount adding up to a monthly pay amount, and you only need 50% uptime per day to qualify for the daily amount.

You can sign up for a spot here: http://provider.fluidstack.io/register#ref=dApZ4fECz0

Payment proof: https://imgur.com/ozWmoqo

Any questions ask I can help.

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